Get more information regarding the road traffic regulation

  • Please go click the link from our website, located on right bottom corner - Road Traffic Regulation

How much time it takes if i order the number plate

  • For standard number plate - It takes 15-20 mins 

  • For 3D number plate - It take 30-45 mins 

  • For customs made number plate - Depends on design

  • Order via on-line, number plate would be ready when you arrive our shop.

I would like to have my order shipped to me. However, will the license plate easily get damaged during the shipping process?

  • The cardboard box we use is made of three layers of corrugated paper. Such a sturdy box guarantees your license plate to be intact upon arrival.

Do you provide installation instructions?

  • Yes, we do provide installation instructions. For motorcycles, we will drill the holes at the locations provided by the customer. For some Japanese cars, the distance between the center of screws is always 21cm. Customers only need to provide us the height for the holes. For European and American cars, license plates are typically glued on. We will provide some stickers.

How to measure the position of the holes?

  • Please refer to the diagram. Customers need to provide the distance between the two centers, indicated as distance a on the diagram. The height is indicated as b. The other two sides are symmetric.

I am concerned that I cannot install the license plate if I fail to provide accurate hole positions.

  • The diameter of the screws is 6MM. We will drill a hole of 8MM. The head of the screws is 12MM in diameter. Therefore, the holes will be fully covered by screws. Your license plate will not encounter any unsightly situation.

Do I need many tools to install my license plate?

  • Only basic tools are needed. For motorcycles, a slot head screwdriver and a No. 10 spanner For Japanese cars, a slot head screwdriver For European and American cars, gloves and fish wire


  • For European and American cars, you need to glue the license plate on. If the new license plate is smaller than the old one, it may not fully cover the sticker mark left by the old plate.

  • We use high quality nylon screws. You only need to tighten them during installation. Do not apply excessive force. Otherwise, you might break them.